We’re moving!

Find our new site at http://sbmusicology.com

The amount of material I need to archive and add to the site is simply not suited to a platform like WordPress, so I’m in the process of moving aaaaaaaall the info to our shiny new domain name. Check it out!


2 Responses to Home

  1. Tim says:


    Do you know of any Krar instrumement manufacturers or sellers who ship their products worldwide?

    Thank you.


    • Sarah B says:

      Your best bet is probably to find someone visiting Ethiopia and ask them to buy one and bring it back for you (not sure of the price of krars, but I bought a decent masinqo in Addis for 1000 birr, or not even 50 USD). You also might be able to find one in areas with large Ethiopian diaspora populations, like D.C. or LA. Hope that helps!


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